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Regd. No. 633/2007

Free Coaching to Social Welfare Hostel students
Social Welfare Hostels(SC/ST/BC) – Free Coaching Program

There are about 250 social welfare hostels(SC/ST/BC/others) for boys and girls in Anantapuram district, spread over in almost all the 63 mandals, particularly in mandal headquarters. About 150 – 200 children (1- 10th class) are residing in each of these hostels. The children are poorest of the poor economically and socially. The Government has been improving the lodging and boarding facilities in these hostels. It becomes difficult for the warden to monitor their studies since he is already burdened with other functions of the hostel. Unfortunately, with the existing system of rolling to the next class with no reference to whether they are academically fit or not, the children who have joined the first class are reaching up to 10th class. Many of them are becoming dropouts after their 10th class. After spending 10 years in the hostels, they are going back to their homes unsuccessfully. They are neither useful to go to higher studies nor useful to their parents in their house hold activities.

On studying this situation, the ADI foundation has initiated a free coaching program in the hostels of Anantapuram town involving the free services of retired/working teachers during the evenings. They teach the inmates of the hostel in the evenings on everyday. Apart from teaching their lessons, they give parental counseling, motivation for studies and imbibe values. This exercise will go a long way in improving their academic standards. ADI foundation will execute and monitor the program.

The program is successful. The efforts are initiated to extend the program to other hostels in all the mandals of Anantapuram district.

With the initiative of ADI foundation, the NISWARTHA Organization, Uravakonda under the chairmanship of Sri Venkat, has taken up the free coaching program in social welfare hostels, Uravakonda. About 18 teachers are participating in the program.