:: Anantapur development Initiative (ADI) foundation ::
Regd. No. 633/2007


Village development assumes a lot of significance for the overall development of the district. There are several state, central government and non-government schemes intended for the development of villages. But unfortunately, due to lack of awareness of the village administration, they are not able to make use of the schemes.

Hence, the ADI Foundation proposes to organize an awareness program to the Sarpanch and other members of Panchayath of the villages to educate them on these aspects and motivate them for the positive development of the village in a phased manner. Similar program is intended for the youth of the village who reside in the village and strive them for the positive growth and development of the village.

And also, the ADI Foundation has adopted the following villages to make them model villages.

  1. Narasimpalli, ThadimarriMandalam.
  2. Mukthapuram, Kalyanadurgam Mandalam.