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Current Activities
» Godisela Palli High School, on 07.12.2015
» Muradi High School on 07.12.2015
» Somalapuram High School on 08.12.2015
» Nagalapuram High School 0n 08.12.2015
» Pulakurthi High School 0n 09.12.2015
» Kalyam High School 0n 09.12.2015

Maata – Paata Program in Govt. Schools

There are good infrastructural facilitiesand well qualified teachers in Govt. schools. The Government has been spending several crores of rupees for school education. In spite of this, the strength of children is being reduced year after year. The schools are not able to attract the children. Thereby, the poor children are suffering. Hence, the ADI Foundation has initiated this program to strengthen the Government Schools. The objective of the program is to inspire and motivate the children for studies and motivate the teachers to strengthen the Govt. schools attracting more children with good results.

Mr. S.K. Lenin Babu, a social singer, has devised Maata – Paata Programto motivate the children for studies. Under this Program, Prof. K. Malakondaiah, CEO of ADI Foundation and Mr SK Lenin Babu visit the Govt. Schools and motivate the children for studies and teachers for strengthen the schools with their dedication and hard work. It is yielding good results.